Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eğirdir is BEAUTIFUL!

I discovered the special characters function on my computer, so now I can properly punctuate my words. Fabulous! Anyway, I just had to follow up with my actual visit to Eğirdir. I went with my colleague Vançin, and we traveled about 40 minutes to the city and then up a windy road to a small village. We went to a little cafe/home where we had the delicious meal I described in the previous post. Anyway, here are some pictures. It was so beautiful.

Really quickly: Eğrdir is actually a fairly popular tourist destination, and also a popular place for Ispartans to go visit for dinner. It's famous for its fish--though we didn't have any this time--and also, of course for this gorgeous view. Supposedly the water is so fresh you can drink it out of the lake (don't worry, I'm not testing that theory any time soon).

But the most interesting thing is that the peninsula is actually man-made. The thin strip of land that you can see much better in my previous post is actually a man-made causeway meant to link two small islands. There are a bunch of little pensions and cute restaurants on the farthest island, and I bet that during the day there is quite an amazing view. I only got to see it by car in the dark, as we headed up to these two points for what was left of daytime. So lovely.

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